The Anne Stewart Play Therapy Award

The Anne Stewart Play Therapy Award will be awarded to a Mental Health Professional and RPT who has been instrumental in the promotion of play therapy in Virginia through innovative approaches to training, teaching and/or clinical practice of play therapy.

To qualify for the Anne Stewart Play Therapy Award, you must:

  • Be a current member of VAPT
  • Be a resident of Virginia
  • Have contributed to Play Therapy for over 10 years
  • Continue to meet VAPT membership requirements as stated in the VAPT Bylaws
  • Promote the mission and vision of VAPT
  • Provide extraordinary support of Play Therapy throughout Outreach in your community.
  • Provided play therapy undergraduate and/or graduate instruction, continuing education, and/or supervision that advanced the field of play therapy.
  • Strengthen the presence of VAPT by increasing membership

Letters of nomination must be submitted to the VAPT President at no later than April 1st. The Awards Committee will then receive the nominations and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Anne Stewart, Ph.D. R.P.T.-S.

Past President

This inaugural award is given in honor of our most recent President, Anne Stewart.  Anne’s leadership and dedication to our organization has been paramount to the success of Play Therapy in Virginia.  We honor Anne by naming this award after her.